Page 596a – 1880 U S Census for Ford County, Kansas

Page 596a – 1880 U S Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Wheatland Township (??? 25 south of range 21 west)    in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Date: June 9, 1880   Enumerator: P. A. Torline   SD: 2   ED: 381 Page: 3 Publication: T9 Roll: 381

Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel


Father BP
Mother BP
19Greenwood, WilmerMW18SonSLaborerIll MassNY
CharlesMW16SonSLaborerIll MassNY
20Selmer?, CharlesMW61MFarmingGermany GermanyGermany
BabaraFW35WifeMKeeping HouseGermany GermanyGermany
GeorgeMW7SonSNY GermanyGermany
WmMW5SonSNY GermanyGermany
MaryFW3DauSNY GermanyGermany
Lessie?FW2/12MarDauSKansas GermanyGermany
21Kasselman, WmMW32MFarmingGermany GermanyGermany
LucyFW31WifeMKeeping HouseGermany GermanyGermany
MaryFW4DauSOhio GermanyGermany
FrancisFW2DauSKansas GermanyGermany
22McCollister?, JamesMW60WFarmingOhio MDOhio
JaneFW38DauSKeeping HouseOhio OhioPA
Athur?MW13SonSAttending SchoolIll OhioPA
23Seward, W. C.MW57MFarmingOhio NYIreland?
RebecaFW39WifeMKeeping HouseIll OhioInd.
AnnieFW17DauSAt HomeIll OhioIll
Amma?FW15DauSAt HomeInd OhioIll
FloridaMW13SonSInd OhioIll
IolaFW11DauSIll OhioIll
Freman?MW8SonSIll OhioIll
ElmerMW5SonSIll OhioIll
PeterMW1SonSKansas OhioIll
24Bearidaly?, OrlindoMW50MFarmingNY VermontNY
LucindaFW36WifeMKeeping HouseNY NYNY
GeorgeMW13SonSAt HomeNY NYNY
25Mellecker, JosephMW55WFarmingFrance FranceFrance
JoesphMW23SonSLaborerIowa FranceGermany
MaryFW21DauSKeeping HouseIowa FranceGermany
Lisse?FW18DauSIowa FranceGermany
WilliamMW16SonSLaborerIowa FranceGermany
AdelinaFW12DauSIowa FranceGermany
26Ransch?, Walter?MW51MFarmingGermany GerGer
MaryFW46WifeMKeeping HouseGermany GerGer
Ottillia?FW14DauSAt HomeMinnesota GerGer
26Southworth, S. S.MW62MFarmingMass MassMass
Sara K.FW59WifeMKeeping HouseCon MiNY
Lirascot?, NancyFW81M-in-lawWAt HomeNY RIRI
27Linneman?, PeterMW32MFarmingGermany GerGer
MinnieFW27WifeMKeeping HouseGer GerGer
EmmaFW8/12SeptDauSKansas GerGer
Tackellam?, GeoMW70F-in-lawMGer GerGer
AnnaFW64M-in-lawMGer GerGer
28Linneman?, Jebo?MW30MFarmingGer GerGer
Hana?FW34WifeMKeeping HouseGer GerGer
AnnieFW8DauSIowa GerGer
PeterMW3SonSIowa GerGer
29Wright, Justoss?MW34MFarmingNY NYNY
EllaFW33WifeMKeeping HouseNY NYNY

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