The Bucklin Banner Tid-Bits

Newspaper extracts from the Bucklin Banner.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately previous cc’s failed to provide a specific date for any of the material below. It is assumed by the file name to be for the year 1901.

Mrs. Jessie Greenleaf, of Greensburg, arrived in the city last Saturday.  She came to visit her sister, Miss Margaret Kane, Cashier of S. D. Aulls’ bank.

Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Davis took dinner and icecream with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thompson at Kingsdown last Sunday.

Windsor Bros. are drilling a well for Mr. Montgomery 18 miles west of town.

Miss Jessie Strait left, Wednesday, for her home in Indiana;  She has been working for Mrs. R. A. Williams during the past year.

Harry DeBaun and Ray Frazier are out this week building a house for Aquilla Cope 4 miles northwest of Mullinville.

S. E. Stofer built a cave this week in which, he says, to store milk, butter, etc. but there is a strong suspicion that he anticipates a cyclone.

Mrs. S. D. Aulls and daughters left, Wednesday, for New York, where they go to visit friends and relatives at Mrs. Aulls’ old home.  They will probably be gone several weeks.

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