Sauk, Fox and Kaw Delegation to Washington in 1867

Kansas Native Americans



Year in Kansas

State(s) Departed From

Shawnee1825Missouri, Ohio, Indiana
Miami1827Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Delaware1828Ohio, Indiana
Peoria, Kaskaskia, Wea and Pinankeshaw1832Illinois
Kickapoo1832Missouri, Illinois, Indiana
Ottawa1833Illinois, Wisconsin
Pottawatomie1836 Indiana
Sac and Fox1837Iowa and Wisconsin
Wyandot1843Ohio and Michigan

A list of Kansas state’s tribes with address, phone numbers and links to tribal websites.  Some maintain histories of the tribe.

Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska
Route 1, Box 58A
White Cloud
KS 66094-9624
(913) 595-3258
FAX 595-6610

Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
P.O. Box 271
KS 66349-0271
(913) 486-2131 FAX 486-2801

Pelathe Community Resource Center
Lawrence’s Indian Center
1423 Haskell Avenue
KS 66044

Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe
Route 2 Box 50A
KS 66509-
(913) 966-2255
FAX 966-2144

RedNation of the Cherokee
1509 Washington Lane
Augusta, KS 67010-1638
Phone: 316-775-3831
Fax : 316-775-6220

Sac & Fox Tribe of Missouri
Rt. 1, Box 60
KS 66434-9723
(913) 742-7471
FAX 742-3785

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