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Russell County, Kansas Schools and Mills

The first school established in Russell County, was a private school in the town of Russell, in July 1871. It was supported by the colonists who located at Russell in April of that year. This school was kept in a small frame...

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Statistics of Growth, Russell County, Kansas

In population, the county has advanced rather slowly, some years being quite progressive and others retrogressive. In 1870, the population of the county was 156, and this was confined entirely to a small locality in the...

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Russell County, Kansas Newspapers

The first newspaper in the county was established in April 1872, but ante-dating its appearance, a small monthly journal was published and issued by Harbough & Corbett, which was devoted entirely to land business, and was...

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Russell County, Kansas Officers and Post Offices

County Officers, 1883 Commissioners; Charles Shaffer, J. B. Vanscoyc, Charles Wolcott, County Clerk; C. M. Harshberger (sic) District Clerk; J. S. Chadbourne Treasurer; C. P. Copeland Probate Judge; O. L. Atherton Register of...

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Russell County, Kansas General History

Prior to 1869, Russell County was without a settler. In July of that year, one A. E. Mathews settled on a claim at the eastern edge of the county about three miles southwest of Wilson. About that time coal had been discovered in...

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Russell, Russell County, Kansas

Russell is the seat of justice of the county, and has been since 1874. The town is located on the east half of Section 27, Township 13, south of Range 14, west of the Sixth Principal Meridian. The town was founded by the...

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More Russell County History

To all intents and purposes, Russell is a prairie county, and for miles and miles, not a sign of a tree or bush can be seen., Standing upon the highest point in the vicinity of the county seat, which is located very near the...

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Russell County, Kansas Biographies

The following 31 biographies were extracted from the History of the State of Kansas, 1883 and pertain specifically to Russell County. Ackerman, Theodore Banker, Louis Banks, W. E. Beemer, D. S. Bradbury, J. M. Bradshaw, George...

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Bunker Hill, Russell County, Kansas

The above caption is the name of a small town on the Kansas Pacific Railway, twelve miles west of the east line of the county. The town was first started in the early part of the summer of 1871, by J. B. Corbett and V. Harbaugh,...

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