Oskaloosa Independent Newspaper

Oskaloosa Independent, Jefferson County, Kansas
(July 1860 – Present)

John W. Roberts was strongly abolitionist, and seeing an opportunity for being of greater influence to that movement he sent his printing press and other materials out to Oskaloosa, Kansas, in 1860, and with his brother-in-law, J. W. Day, established there the old Oskaloosa Independent, the first copy of which was issued in July, 1860. The Independent was a strict republican organ, an official newspaper of Jefferson County, and its circulation included several Northern Kansas counties and the paper was read by hundreds in other states. The plant and offices were on Jefferson Street on the original lot.

John W. Roberts himself came out to Kansas in 1862, and was editor of the Independent until he retired at the age of seventy, though he was in close touch with its management and a contributor to its columns until the time of his death. He died at Oskaloosa in October, 1900. Frank H. Roberts was continuously associated with his father in the Independent printing office, and after his father’s death had been its sole proprietor and publisher.

The Kansas State Historical Society has the following issues available on microfilm or in original form. All papers listed are available at no charge through interlibrary loan.

Our record of editors for this newspaper currently only goes to 1918. We’d like to have the list of editors since 1918, and include biographies/photos for each one if possible. Anyone having further information is encouraged to submit such to us.


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