Independence to Santa Fe in miles

The following note and table will be found in Gregg’s Commerce of the Prairies, 1844, page 313:

Having crossed the Prairies between Independence and Santa Fe six times, I can now present a table of the most notable camping sites, and their respective intermediate distances, with approximate accuracy, which may prove acceptable to some future travelers. The whole distance had been variously estimated at from 750 to 800 miles, yet I feel confident that the aggregate here presented is very nearly the true distance:

Independence, Missouri
Round Grove3535
110-mile Creek35100
Bridge Creek8108
Big John Spring (crossing several creeks)40148
Council Grove2150
Diamond Spring15165
Lost Spring15180
Cottonwood Creek12192
Turkey Creek25217
Little Arkansas17234
Cow Creek20254
Arkansas River16270
Walnut Creek (up Arkansas River)8278
Ash Creek19297
Pawnee Fork6303
Coon Creek33336
Ford of Arkansas20392
Sand Creek (leaving Arkansas River)50442
Cimarrone (lower spring)8450
Middle Spring (up Cimarrone River)36486
Willow Bar26512
Upper Spring18530
Cold Spring (leave Cimarrone River)5535
M’Nees Creek25560
Rabbit-ear Creek20580
Round Mound8588
Rock Creek8596
Point of Rocks19615
Rio Colorado20635
Santa Clara Spring21662
Rio Mora22684
Rio Gallinas (Vegas)20704
Ojo de Bernal Spring17721
San Miguel6727
Pecos Village23750
Santa Fe25775

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