Santa Fe Trail Route

Santa Fe Trail Route
From Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe

From Wetmore’s Gazetteer of the State of Missouri, 1837, page 269, the following table of distances is taken:

Route From Independence, Mo., to Santa FeLES Chns
 Camp Grove16
 Big Blue river ford20
 Round Grove14
 Left-hand Grove18
 Right-hand Grove18
 Elk Creek5
 Marie des Cignes11
 Rock Creek5
 Prairie Camp13
 Indian Camp9
 High-water Creek15
 Council Grove on the Neosho8
 Plain Creek5
 Diamond Spring8
 Prairie Spring8
 Hook’s Spring (in prairie)8
 Cottonwood Grove13
 Lake Camp18
 Small Creek20
 Little Arkansas18
 Branch of Cow Creek12
 Main Cow Creek13
 Arkansas river15
 Walnut Creek (up the Arkansas)20
 Ash Creek24
 Pawnee Fork of Arkansas8
 Plain Camp15
 Little Pond21
 Small Drain20
 Anderson’s Caches on the Arkansas20
 Pond Camp west of Arkansas river7
 The Two Ponds22
 Several Ponds19
 The Lake12
 Sandy Creek12
 Lone Pond14
 Small Pool22
 The Semiron8
 The Lower Spring2
 Salt Camp8
 Nitre Camp21
 The Willows7
 Saltpetrc Camp, in view of Sugar House Mound10
 Upper Semiron Spring10
 Seven Mile Creek7
 Drain Camp8
 Two Pools17
 Rocky Pool8
 Bad Water7
 Sugar Loaf5
 Kiawa Camp10
 Sabine Camp15
 Round Mound4
 Rocky Branch14
 Summit Level, in view of Rocky Mountains8
 Harl’s Camp6
 Point of Rocks10
 Deep Hollow7
 Canadian Fork15
 Mule Creek6
 Pilot Knobs19
 Tar Kiln Grove20
 El Moro10
 El Sapiote2
 Rio Las Guineas18
 San Magil (village)25
 Santa Fe40

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