1875 Kansas State Census – South Haven Township

1875 Kansas State Census – South Haven Township

TownshipPage #Dwelling #Family#SurnameGiven NameAgeSexRaceOccupationReal Estate ValuePersonal property valueBirthplacePrevious Residence
South Haven111JenningsW. P.30MWFarmer400247IAIA
South Haven111JenningsS. C.27FW   VAIA
South Haven111JenningsJ. D.2MW   KS 
South Haven122HawksP. L.26MWFarmer 431MOMO
South Haven122HawksG. E.20FW   MOMO
South Haven122HawksN. A.3FW   MOMO
South Haven122HawksL. M.2FW   KS 
South Haven122HawksM. M.24FW   MOMO
South Haven122HawksS. B.28FW   MOMO
South Haven122MastersonG. W.63MW   INDMO
South Haven133ParksR. N.30MWFarmer400228KYKY
South Haven133ParksF. P.29FW   KYKY
South Haven133ParksJ. L.2MW   KYKY
South Haven133ParksC. D.12-JulMW   KS 
South Haven133CrewdsonL. A.25FW   KYKY
South Haven144GilbertD. N.45MWFarmer  KYMO
South Haven144GilbertMay45FW   KYMO
South Haven144GilbertM. A.19FW   MOMO
South Haven144GilbertJ. S.16MW   KS 
South Haven144GilbertWm. W.13MW   KS 
South Haven144GilbertZ. Z.7FW   KS 
South Haven144FoxS. L.30MW   PAPA
South Haven155LawrenceRichard30MWFarmer650147NYILL
South Haven155LawrenceM. A.28FW   VAILL
South Haven155LawrenceM. E.6FW   ILLILL
South Haven155LawrenceChas. E.3MW   KS 
South Haven155LawrenceF. J.12-JulFW   KS 
South Haven166DutyT. B.55MWFarmer320331KYMO
South Haven166DutyS. J.22FW   MOMO
South Haven166DutyAnnie21FW   MOMO
South Haven166DutyJas.17MW   MOMO
South Haven166DutyRosa16FW   MOMO
South Haven177SmithElijah48MWFarmer400315VAILL
South Haven177SmithS. F.52FW   VAILL
South Haven177SmithW. B.17MW   IAIA
South Haven177SmithJ. A.11FW   KS 
South Haven177SmithJ. W. F.9MW   KS 
South Haven177SmithC. M.7FW   KS 
South Haven188HuntF. A.31MWFarmer400157VAIA
South Haven188HuntM. E.24FW   ILLIA
South Haven188HuntE. M.1FW   KS 
South Haven299BurdickSamuel39MWFarmer 130VTIA
South Haven299BurdickMary39FW   ILLIA
South Haven299BurdickLewis20MW   ILLIA
South Haven299JacksonA. J.18MW   ILLIA
South Haven299BurdickS. A.16FW   ILLIA
South Haven299BurdickJ. A.14MW   IAIA
South Haven299BurdickH. E.12FW   IAIA
South Haven299BurdickWm. L.8MW   KSIA
South Haven299BurdickH. H.6MW   IAIA
South Haven299BurdickH. F.5FW   IAIA
South Haven299BurdickJ. M.1FW   KS 
South Haven21010WaddleWm.E.33MWFarmer 210MOMO
South Haven21010WaddleAnn32FW   MOMO
South Haven21010SimpsonMargaret18FW   MOMO
South Haven21010SimpsonA. P.14FW   MOMO
South Haven21010MurleyM. A.9FW   MOMO
South Haven21111WhitakerJ. P.37MWFarmer1440270KYKY
South Haven21111SearcyG. N.41MWFarmer  KYKY
South Haven21111RodenhousM. L.50FW   NCILL
South Haven21111BlackwelderE. J.21FW   NCILL
South Haven21212MeisterTheodore37MWMechanic20024OHOH
South Haven21212MeisterA. C.25MWClerk  OHOH
South Haven21313RobinsonD. P.36MWFarmer800153KYKY
South Haven21313RobinsonAmanda36FW   KYKY
South Haven21313RobinsonG. W.18MW   INDKY
South Haven21313RobinsonEmmett14MW   INDKY
South Haven21313RobinsonJames6MW   KYKY
South Haven21313RobinsonCora4FW   KYKY
South Haven21414StevensDavid57MWFarmer480285VAILL
South Haven21414StevensEzra18MW   ILLILL
South Haven21414StevensReukaim14FW   ILLILL
South Haven21414StevensChas.12MW   ILLILL
South Haven21414StevensWilson9MW   ILLILL
South Haven21414StevensAlbert7MW   ILLILL
South Haven21414StevensLester4MW   ILLILL
South Haven21515JonesEnos61MWFarmer56060PAMinn
South Haven21515JonesS. M.22FW   PAMinn
South Haven21515JonesH. W.14MW   MinnMinn
South Haven21616RobinsonC. W.33MWFarmer 95OHMich
South Haven21616RobinsonO. E.22FW   OHMich
South Haven21616RobinsonF. B.1FW   MichMich
South Haven31717GottFrank39MWFarmer800254OHMO
South Haven31717GottElizabeth42FW   ILLMO
South Haven31717GottJohn W.10MW   ILLMO
South Haven31818BatemanJ. H.27MWFarmer 355OHIA
South Haven31919WoodwardJoseph52MWFarmer16086NJILL
South Haven31919WoodwardMargaret J.53FW   NJILL
South Haven31919WoodwardMary20FW   ILLILL
South Haven31919WoodwardChas H.16MW   ILLILL
South Haven31919WoodwardRetta11FW   ILLILL
South Haven32020HunterThomas54MWFarmer400227VAMO
South Haven32020HunterE. E.51FW   OHMO
South Haven32020HunterG. A.24MW   OHMO
South Haven32020HunterJ. W.15MW   ILLMO
South Haven32020HunterN. M.12FW   ILLMO
South Haven32020HunterA. M.11FW   ILLMO
South Haven32020HunterCharlie5MW   KS 
South Haven32121HaskinsMrs. A.47FW  320VTIA
South Haven32121HaskinsG. L.21MW   WiscIA
South Haven32121HaskinsL. M.6FW   IAIA
South Haven32222ShannonM. T.44MWFarmer800225OHILL
South Haven32222ShannonM. J.37FW   OHILL
South Haven32222ShannonW. T.5MW   OHILL
South Haven32222ShannonF. C.3MW   ILLILL
South Haven32323KirklandH. J.35MWFarmer600149PAILL
South Haven32424BoucherJ. S.51MWFarmer664350PAPA
South Haven32424BoucherS. E.46FW   PAPA
South Haven32424BoucherJ. H.15MW   KS 
South Haven32424BoucherS. F.13MW   KS 
South Haven32424BoucherJ. M.9FW   KS 
South Haven32424BoucherL.7FW   KS 
South Haven32424BoucherFrank2MW   KS 
South Haven32525HicksJasper37MWFarmer52195INDIND
South Haven32525HicksSusan29FW   INDIND
South Haven32525HicksI. A.8FW   INDIND
South Haven32525HicksT. E. E.5FW   INDIND
South Haven32525HicksC. N.3MW   KS 
South Haven32525HicksW. H.1MW   KS 
South Haven32626MooreW. G.41MWFarmer320241NCIA
South Haven32626MooreA. J.40FW   NCIA
South Haven32626MooreS.21FW   MOIA
South Haven32626MooreJ. O.18MW   KSIA
South Haven42626MooreM. A.15FW   KSIA
South Haven42626MooreL. O.11FW   KSIA
South Haven42626MooreR. B.9FW   KSIA
South Haven42626MooreK. E.4FW   IAIA
South Haven42626MooreT. A.2MW   IAIA
South Haven42727MusgroveJ. R.34MWMerchant8001887OHILL
South Haven42727MusgroveI. C.31FW   OHOH
South Haven42727MusgroveClyde12-MarMW   KS 
South Haven42727GrahamM. A.24FWTeacher  OHILL
South Haven42828GoodhueAlbert F.27MWFarmer 82KYTN
South Haven42828GoodhueM. J.17FW   TNTN
South Haven42929CronkiteL.46MWFarmer480160INDMO
South Haven42929CronkiteSallie45FW   PAMO
South Haven42929CronkiteJ.20MW   ILLMO
South Haven42929CronkiteT.17MW   ILLMO
South Haven42929CronkiteJ.12FW   ILLMO
South Haven42929CronkiteE.9FW   ILLMO
South Haven43030WintersJ. B.28MWFarmer 156ILLILL
South Haven43131MoldenWm.25MWFarmer 110OHILL
South Haven43131MoldenE.19FW   KYKY
South Haven43131MoldenC. H.1MW   KS 
South Haven43232WalcherJohn A.30MWFarmer 297ILLILL
South Haven43232WalcherC. G.27FW   OHILL
South Haven43232WalcherA. L.8MW   ILLILL
South Haven43232WalcherH. E.4FW   ILLILL
South Haven43333VinsonJ. H.34MWFarmer960115INDCO
South Haven43333VinsonS. M.31FW   INDCO
South Haven43333VinsonE. A.8FW   INDCO
South Haven43333VinsonH. H.6MW   INDCO
South Haven43333VinsonE. D.12-SepMW   COCO
South Haven43434LeagueE. R.38MWFarmer 191TNTN
South Haven43434LeagueM. A. C.26FW   TNTN
South Haven43434LeagueM. E. S.15FW   TNTN
South Haven43434LeagueM. L. L.7FW   TNTN
South Haven43434LeagueD. J. R.5MW   TNTN
South Haven43434LeagueA. H.12-JulFW   KS 
South Haven43535MooreE. T.29MWFarmer 278INDIA
South Haven43535MooreA. E.31FW   OHIA
South Haven43535MooreC. H.6MW   IAIA
South Haven43535MooreL. G.4FW   IAIA
South Haven53636FlintElbert22MWMechanic 10OHIA
South Haven53737CummingsW. C. F.31MWFarmer480313PAPA
South Haven53737CummingsA. E.34FW   ScotlandIA
South Haven53737CummingsA. A.14FW   IAIA
South Haven53737CummingsAnnie9FW   MOIA
South Haven53737CummingsJ. W.7MW   MOIA
South Haven53737CummingsM. I.4FW   IAIA
South Haven53737CummingsC.1MW   KS 
South Haven53838HaleQ. A.43MWFarmer480392OHMO
South Haven53838HaleLucinda41FW   OHMO
South Haven53838HaleOscar23MW   OHMO
South Haven53838HaleLeonidas22MW   OHMO
South Haven53838HaleFred A.20MW   OHMO
South Haven53838HaleLeantha18FW   OHMO
South Haven53838HaleMary16FW   MOMO
South Haven53838HaleMay11FW   ILLMO
South Haven53838HaleHenry8MW   MOMO
South Haven53838HaleMaggie2FW   MOMO
South Haven53939WicksW. W.37MWFarmer960287NYILL
South Haven53939WicksM. J.31FW   OHILL
South Haven53939WicksM. H.6FW   ILLILL
South Haven54040SpeerW. P.31MWFarmer400176KYKY
South Haven54040SpeerE. J.21FW   KYKY
South Haven54040SpeerA. F.3FW   KYKY
South Haven54040SpeerS. M.2MW   KYKY
South Haven54040SpeerN. M.1FW   KS 
South Haven54141McCandlessC. R.33MWFarmer400230KYKY
South Haven54141McCandlessMartha29FW   KYKY
South Haven54141McCandlessF. A.5FW   KYKY
South Haven54141McCandlessMagdla3FW   KS 
South Haven54141McCandlessE. F.1FW   KS 
South Haven54242GoutyJohn A.46MWFarmer 125INDMO
South Haven54242GoutySarah40FW   ILLMO
South Haven54242GoutyW. H.20MW   ILLMO
South Haven54242GoutyM. A.14FW   ILLMO
South Haven54343MarshallRhoda50FW  92OHIND
South Haven54343MarshallC. L.17FW   INDIND
South Haven54343MarshallN. J.12FW   INDIND
South Haven54343AndersonE. F.3FW   INDIND
South Haven54343LewisClinton45MWCarpenter  OHILL
South Haven64444WhiteSamuel53MWFarmer 225OHIA
South Haven64444WhiteMartha40FW   OHIA
South Haven64444WhiteWilliam7MW   IAIA
South Haven64545ClarkWm. A.58MWFarmer 219PAILL
South Haven64545ClarkM. A.51FW   ILLILL
South Haven64545ClarkJ. F.22MW   ILLILL
South Haven64545ClarkM. J.17FW   ILLILL
South Haven64545ClarkJames16MW   ILLILL
South Haven64545ClarkD. B.14MW   ILLILL
South Haven64646ClarkS. E.26FW  160OHILL
South Haven64646ClarkB. F.1FW   KS 
South Haven64646ClarkE. E.3MW   ILLILL
South Haven64747BlackwelderElias41MWFarmer 307NCILL
South Haven64747BlackwelderM. S.47FW   NCILL
South Haven64747BlackwelderJ. H.17MW   ILLILL
South Haven64747BlackwelderM. L.13FW   ILLILL
South Haven64747BlackwelderW. H.9MW   ILLILL
South Haven64848RoselE. T.31MWFarmer320 KYKY
South Haven64848RoselMary15FW   ILLMO
South Haven64848RoselPierce22MWFarmer  KYKY
South Haven64949DodsonR. H.26MWFarmer640112KYKY
South Haven65050ElliottA. C.45MWFarmer 230OHIA
South Haven65050ElliottMargaret53FW   OHIA
South Haven65050ElliottM. H.20MW   OHIA
South Haven65050ElliottM. M.16FW   OHIA
South Haven65050ElliottIsabel13FW   IAIA
South Haven65050ElliottRebecca10FW   IAIA
South Haven65151NobleThos. A.25MWFarmer 165KYMO
South Haven65151NobleR. S.24FW   KYMO
South Haven65151NobleEugene4MW   KYMO
South Haven65151NobleS. C.1MW   KS 
South Haven65252ButlerFrank30MWFarmer160155WiscILL
South Haven65252ButlerT. G.25FW   NCILL
South Haven65252ButlerEva5FW   ILLILL
South Haven65252ButlerJennie2FW   KS 
South Haven65353WittG. W.50MWBlacksmith  CanadaIA
South Haven65353WittPolly51FW   NYIA
South Haven65353BartonMorris24MW   MichIA
South Haven65353WittAlphonzo18MW   MichIA
South Haven65353BartonOliver18MW   MichIA
South Haven75353WittAlfred15MW   MichIA
South Haven75353WittMary5FW   MichIA
South Haven75454LockmanJ. W.28MWFarmer 200INDIA
South Haven75454LockmanL. F.24FW   INDIA
South Haven75454LockmanC. E.3MW   IAIA
South Haven75454LockmanD. E.12-JunMW   KS 
South Haven75555TroutmanMichael23MWFarmer320216INDILL
South Haven75656MurleyDaniel51MWFarmer320362KYMO
South Haven75656MurleyNancy39FW   KYMO
South Haven75656MurleyW. P.13MW   MOMO
South Haven75656MurleyD. G.11MW   MOMO
South Haven75656MurleyFannie12-MarFW   KS 
South Haven75656DayD. M.33MWCarpenter 17OHMich
South Haven75757FeeserJosiah44MWFarmer 392PAPA
South Haven75858EvansLeander25MWFarmer  ILLMO
South Haven75858EvansM. E.20FW   MOMO
South Haven75959HintonDallas29MWFarmer 315INDIND
South Haven75959HintonN. J.23FW   INDIND
South Haven76060TownsendB. C.24MWFarmer 102KYILL
South Haven76060TownsendM. E.25FW   ILLILL
South Haven76060TownsendCorda2FW   ILLILL
South Haven76060TownsendCynthia12-MarFW   KS 
South Haven76161WilsonLucinda56FWFarmer 20PAILL
South Haven76161WilsonL. D.25MWFarmer 82PAILL
South Haven76161WilsonE. O.23MW   ILLILL
South Haven76262MorehartHenry24MWFarmer 75OHOH
South Haven76363HefleyJ. L.36MWFarmer  ILLILL
South Haven76363HefleyM. C.33FW   NCILL
South Haven76363HefleyJ. L.10MW   ILLILL
South Haven76363HefleyH. J.8MW   ILLILL
South Haven76363HefleyH. M.6MW   ILLILL
South Haven76363HefleyOrana D.3MW   KS 
South Haven76363HefleyJ. T.1MW   KS 
South Haven76363HefleyW. S.11MW   ILLILL
South Haven76464StewartW. J.37MWFarmer1530670PAILL
South Haven76464StewartNellie27FW   OHILL
South Haven76464StewartLenora8FW   ILLILL
South Haven76464StewartMary4FW   ILLILL
South Haven76464StewartWilliam1MW   ILLILL
South Haven76565StonebargerJ. V.30MWCarpenter  VAILL
South Haven76565StonebargerJane26FW   VAILL
South Haven   BarnesPerry   (Listed in township recap but not in census)    
South Haven   MillerR. H.   (Listed in township recap but not in census)    
South Haven   Beacock    (Listed in township recap but not in census)    

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