1930 Census of Merchant Seamen

1930 Census of Merchant Seamen
Name Index

(M1932, RG 029, 3 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.)

This is an Index of Seamen who’s birth place was listed as Kansas.  Information found at the top of each Merchant Seamen schedules:

  • Name and address of owner or operator of vessel
  • Name of vessel
  • Date of enumeration
  • Name of enumerator, usually his signature and/or typewritten name
  • The home port of the vessel (If the vessel did not have a regular home port then the name of the port in which the vessel was anchored on the census day or from which it sailed last prior to 1 April 1930 was to be listed)

The following questions were asked the men aboard the vessel:

  • Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was on board this ship
    Color or race
    Age at last birthday
    Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced
    Whether able to read or write
    Place of birth (If born in the United States, give the state or territory. If of foreign birth, give the country of birth)
    Whether naturalized or alien
    Whether able to speak English
    Occupation – trade, profession, or particular kind of work done
    Whether a veteran of the U.S. military or naval forces mobilized for any war or expedition; if so, what war or expedition
    Address of wife or next of kin
NamePort in 1930
Estimated Birth YearBirthplace
John M CravyMobile, Mobile, Alabamaabt 1900Kansas
William CarlisleMobile, Mobile, Alabamaabt 1884Kansas
Everett E RobisonMobile, Mobile, Alabamaabt 1900Kansas
James GurryMobile, Mobile, Alabamaabt 1892Kansas
Everett H RogersLong Beach, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1898Kansas
Kenneth FultonLong Beach, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1903Kansas
Mae M BoustadLos Angeles Harbor, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
Rose K ShipleyLos Angeles Harbor, Californiaabt 1897Kansas
Emerson J WilcoxLos Angeles Harbor, Californiaabt 1896Kansas
Frank A WilliamsLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1872Kansas
Ashley S HarrisonLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1906Kansas
Jesse F BartlettLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1880Kansas
John H PurelLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1900Kansas
Edward W NesbittLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1896Kansas
Ernest JonesLos Angeles, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1909Kansas
Bryan NoltaSan Francisco and San Pedro, Californiaabt 1902Kansas
Chas K OngSan Francisco and San Pedro, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
O W LeflerSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
F W RowlandSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1898Kansas
Eheodore EhrustSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1897Kansas
Ernest GriffinSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1888Kansas
John ClericoSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1895Kansas
Charles E WatsonSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1886Kansas
Paul O CaldwellSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1907Kansas
Eddis C MckibbenSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1907Kansas
George E OdonnellSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1901Kansas
Harley L BaggsSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1896Kansas
Frank GreenSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1906Kansas
George YoungSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1904Kansas
John E HooblerSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1885Kansas
C A LundrySan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1905Kansas
C W FreelsSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1908Kansas
Jay H RachfordSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1912Kansas
G H ThurmanSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1891Kansas
Ralph T UmphenourSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1911Kansas
Clyde L DollSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1889Kansas
Anderson ThomasSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1884Kansas
Charles W PercellSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1885Kansas
Alden CopelandSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1907Kansas
Ernest ??ontSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1905Kansas
Horace E BowelSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1900Kansas
Jesse E WarnerSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1906Kansas
Fay F BoothSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1909Kansas
Jack StreetSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1910Kansas
Duncan WardSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1905Kansas
Walter BarnowSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
Carl E FritchySan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
Seldon L WellsSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1891Kansas
Lee L LewisSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1892Kansas
William CourisSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1887Kansas
Wayne HeadleySan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1905Kansas
Earl C MaillerSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1881Kansas
Lloyd E RegehausenSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1893Kansas
John LoweSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1882Kansas
Walter D BrentSan Francisco, San Mateo, Californiaabt 1891Kansas
Howard H MillerSan Francisco, San Francisco, Californiaabt 1891Kansas
John L HaunWilmington, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1906Kansas
Raymond E NicholsonWilmington, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1907Kansas
Grover C TracyWilmington, Los Angeles, Californiaabt 1893Kansas
John L DoyleWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1911Kansas
John D HoweWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1907Kansas
Frederick J RaffertyWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1906Kansas
Albert PodgornikWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1904Kansas
William J BoyanWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1899Kansas
Andrew J RedmanWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1912Kansas
Benjamin T WilsonWilmington, New Castle, Delawareabt 1898Kansas
Loyd K BairdLouisianaabt 1902Kansas
George M WinneyNew Orleans, Orleans, Louisianaabt 1900Kansas
John C StewartNew Orleans, Orleans, Louisianaabt 1910Kansas
Won C BlevinsNew Orleans, Jefferson, Louisianaabt 1897Kansas
Vincent UlshNew Orleans, Jefferson, Louisianaabt 1912Kansas
John B LawrenceNew Orleans, Orleans, Louisianaabt 1890Kansas
Bernard R ThompsonNew Orleans, Orleans, Louisianaabt 1897Kansas
Earl FergusonNew Orleans, Orleans, Louisianaabt 1891Kansas
Acton DelairNew Orleans, Jefferson, Louisianaabt 1891Kansas
Clinton D KanneyNew Orleans, Jefferson, Louisianaabt 1909Kansas
Jesse M LankstonSt Charles Parish, Louisianaabt 1900Kansas
Channcey A SingletonBaltimore, Baltimore, Marylandabt 1907Kansas
Lloyd A MastersonBoston, Suffolk, Massachusettsabt 1905Kansas
Robert JenkinsBoston, Suffolk, Massachusettsabt 1912Kansas
Esther K FelineDetroit, Wayne, Michiganabt 1889Kansas
Fred WorfordDetroit, Wayne, Michiganabt 1898Kansas
Eugene C RayDetroit, Wayne, Michiganabt 1891Kansas
Milton MosierDetroit, Wayne, Michiganabt 1906Kansas
Kelley A JohnsonDuluth, St Louis, Minnesotaabt 1890Kansas
George A MatherBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1909Kansas
John A HultquistBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1910Kansas
W B ColesBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1897Kansas
Leonard R WatsonBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1899Kansas
Joseph AtelleBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1904Kansas
F X GrassBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1901Kansas
George H RothwellBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1908Kansas
Edward KerrBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1890Kansas
Glen E HirbyBayonne, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1896Kansas
Arthur MilanCamden, Camden, New Jerseyabt 1899Kansas
Louis OneillHoboken, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1897Kansas
James JohnsonHoboken, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1902Kansas
Louis KochHoboken, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1904Kansas
Russell HoffmanHoboken, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1890Kansas
Florence N WattsJersey City, Hudson, New Jerseyabt 1889Kansas
Ross C McdonaldPaulsboro, Gloucester, New Jerseyabt 1898Kansas
Thomas OdenNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1895Kansas
James R PolsdorferNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1902Kansas
William WhiteNew York, Richmond, New Yorkabt 1894Kansas
Clarence WalbridgeNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1900Kansas
Arthur H PepperNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1904Kansas
James E RainerNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1904Kansas
Joseph T AlexanderNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1909Kansas
Robert H KilrainNew York, Richmond, New Yorkabt 1906Kansas
Harry H VinsonNew York, Richmond, New Yorkabt 1892Kansas
Eline J KromeNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1890Kansas
James SpartasNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1907Kansas
Carol E SmithNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1908Kansas
Albert GeorgeNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1891Kansas
Harry E LuettkeNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1901Kansas
Charles A MinichNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1895Kansas
Clarence MitchellNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1886Kansas
Carl StrainNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1907Kansas
Charles R JeffersNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1907Kansas
Ray JohnstonNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1905Kansas
Ernest C WilliamsNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1903Kansas
Robert ThomasNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1891Kansas
William A SmithNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1905Kansas
Clyde HillNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1882Kansas
W R PersonettNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1897Kansas
Aaron E RickmanNew York, Queens, New Yorkabt 1892Kansas
George DunstonNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1877Kansas
Herbert BrodieNew York, Westchester, New Yorkabt 1904Kansas
Carroll B SmithNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1911Kansas
Fred A KinseyNew York, Queens, New Yorkabt 1901Kansas
Reese D BaileyNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1911Kansas
Oscar BurroughsNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1885Kansas
Wayne P PaschalNew York, Richmond, New Yorkabt 1911Kansas
Joh J TorranceNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1897Kansas
Emmett H EhrsamNew York, New York, New Yorkabt 1905Kansas
Harold A DavisNew York, Bronx, New Yorkabt 1904Kansas
Roy ReevesNewport, Coos, Oregonabt 1898Kansas
Michael PaepkePortland, Clackamas, Oregonabt 1889Kansas
William L WaringPortland, Washington, Oregonabt 1912Kansas
Leslie C PresburyAt Sea Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaabt 1883Kansas
James S GilleeceMarcus Hook, Delaware, Pennsylvaniaabt 1894Kansas
William KlinePhiladelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaabt 1895Kansas
George McveighPhiladelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvaniaabt 1883Kansas
Jack McveighPhiladelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvaniaabt 1907Kansas
Horace M JohnsonPhiladelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvaniaabt 1908Kansas
Leroy A OwenPhiladelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvaniaabt 1898Kansas
Halbert G ReidPhiladelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvaniaabt 1911Kansas
Earl PontonArthur, Texasabt 1909Kansas
Elmer ShieldFreeport, Brazoria, Texasabt 1907Kansas
Wayne SlagleGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1891Kansas
George W HarvelGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1903Kansas
Franklin T UnruhGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1906Kansas
Harry J SullivanGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1899Kansas
Edward FiefGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1891Kansas
Robert C McmainsGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1909Kansas
William T VoganGalveston, Galveston, Texasabt 1903Kansas
Winton L ChildressHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1911Kansas
Donald PattersonHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1911Kansas
Eugene M PowersHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1912Kansas
Guy E ParkerHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1896Kansas
John H TaylorHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1901Kansas
Roland C NoyesHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1901Kansas
Floyd M KellerHouston, Harris, Texasabt 1904Kansas
William F LewisAnacortes, Skagit, Washingtonabt 1872Kansas
James FarryBellingham, Whatcom, Washingtonabt 1905Kansas
Fred A WhartonSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1883Kansas
Paul B CoeSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1889Kansas
William Van WyckSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1891Kansas
Homer L YatesSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1891Kansas
GilmanSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1902Kansas
Arthur D SpurgeonSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1901Kansas
W R SmithSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1908Kansas
William I FarrierSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1886Kansas
Lester C HinesSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1886Kansas
Edward L GilmanSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1893Kansas
Frank L BerrySeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1880Kansas
Scott O SchwartzSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1910Kansas
Roscoe H BesseySeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1910Kansas
Ben A PeltzSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1900Kansas
John H StinerSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1904Kansas
Dudley B RisleySeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1904Kansas
William F HartwellSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1909Kansas
Leslie JohnsSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1897Kansas
Grant E ApplegateSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1905Kansas
Robert A HaggartSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1902Kansas
George F MessingSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1885Kansas
Trueman H StaplesSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1901Kansas
James L CaldwellSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1893Kansas
Amos B DicksonSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1885Kansas
Cora J StrongSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1884Kansas
Ralph WatsonSeattle, King, Washingtonabt 1890Kansas
Joseph E LambertTacoma, Pierce, Washingtonabt 1911Kansas
William R BradenTacoma, Pierce, Washingtonabt 1897Kansas
John TuttleTacoma, Pierce, Washingtonabt 1906Kansas


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