Old Settlers’ of Waubaunsee County Kansas

The following list represents the”old settlers” of Wabaunsee County, Kansas.

Page #NameDate of BirthPlace of BirthSettlement DateSettlement Place
216Beack, S. D. MrsApr. 6, 1824Hamilton, ScotlandMay 3, 1858Mission Creek Twp
219Cottrell, H. M.July 29, 1863Mendon, Ill.November 18, 1875Wabaunsee Co
225Griswold, W. S.May 6, 1827Guilford, Conn.April 15, 1856Wabaunsee Co.
230Hiatt, D. B.December 9, 1832Henry Co., IndianaSept. 1, 1854Wabaunsee Co
232Kuncli, Alfred C.February 20, 1868WabaunseeApril 6, 1858Alma
234Lines, Chas. B.March 12, 1807New Haven, Conn.May 1, 1856Wabaunsee Co
243Read, A. M.March 18,1842New Haven, Conn.1856Wabaunsee Co
245Read, A. M.March 28, 1842New Haven, Ct.April 22, 1856Wabaunsee Co.

This file was contributed for use in the Kansas AHGP Jackson County by Chyrl Lawrence-Bulger.

Source: Charles S. Gleed. Kansas Memorial, A Report of the Old Settlers’ Meeting Held at Bismark Grove, Kansas, September 15th and 16th, 1879, Kansas City, 1879.

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