Mankato, Jewell County Churches

There are four organized religious denominations here, namely: – the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran. The last has been organized for about three years, but is at present without a pastor. Most of the members reside in the country. They are intending to soon erect a church building.

The Mankato Baptist Church was organized in 1876, by Rev. Mr. Howard. They worship in the Methodist Church, but are now making arrangements to build. They have about forty-five members, and Rev. J. Shutz is their pastor; he also has charge of East Buffalo Baptist Church, of eighteen members, which was organized in 1882, and of the Holmwood Church, with twenty-five members, organized in 1880.

The Presbyterian Church has about forty members, and was organized February 18, 1877, by Rev. A. R. Naylor and Elder R. R. McClung. November 28, 1880, they dedicated their church. It cost $1,400. Rev. A. R. Naylor supplied the pulpit until March, 1880, when he was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev. Warren Mayo, who also has charge of the Ionia Presbyterian Church, organized by himself, Rev. H. F. Albright, and Elder Patterson Alexander, May 11, 1882, with eight members.

The Methodist denomination organized in March 1877. The membership has increased from ten to sixty-five. Rev. G. H. Woodward was pastor in 1877, ’78 and ’79. Rev. J. R. Schultz in 1880, and J. C. Dana in 1881, ’82. The Mankato circuit includes three other points in the county.


Source: Jewell County, Cutlers History of Kansas, 1883

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