Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas Business and Press

The Jewell County Monitor was established at Jewell Center, now Mankato, May 19, 1874, with Frank Kirk as editor and publisher. The press and equipment was purchased by the citizens of Mankato of A. B. Wilder, Belleville, Kan., having been used in printing the Belleville Republic. In June 1874, W. P. Henderson succeeded Mr. Kirk as publisher, and in October following, Byron J. Thompson became editor and sole proprietor. In April 1878, it was consolidated with the Diamond, edited by M. Winsor. B. J. Thompson soon bought out the establishment, and continued as editor until April 1882, when he sold to W. S. Thompson. In October, 1882, Mr. Thompson sold the paper to Vaughan Brothers, who had been publishing the Western Advocate, at Ohio, since August, 1881, The Monitor is an eight-column folio, Republican in politics.

Jewell County Review. – This paper, which enjoys the largest circulation of any paper in the county, was established in July 1879, by L. D. Raynolds, and purchased by M. Winsor, formerly connected with the Clarion and Diamond of this county. It is an eight-column folio, printed on a steam-power press. Mr. Winsor has been for a long time in the newspaper business, and issues a neat, spicy, well-edited paper, although it is independent in politics and published in a Republican county.

The Jewellite was established August 16, 1882, by E. P. Worcester, the present editor and proprietor. It is an eight-column folio, Republican in politics.

Mankato has three hotels, the Central House, operated by W. O. John, being the first erected in the town. The Commercial House was built in 1878, by S. C. Bowles, its present owner. Its size is 34×60 feet; contains twenty-four rooms, and the house is well patronized.

The private bank of Bishop & Co. was organized by Case, Vance &, Co., in October 1877. The present firm assumed the management in March 1880. It has a capital of $40,000.


Source: Jewell County, Cutlers History of Kansas, 1883

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