Jewell County, Kansas County Officials

County Officials of Jewell County, 1870

  • First County Commissioners (appointed in 1870) – A. J. Davis, C. L. Seeley and F. T. Gandy
  • Present County Commissioners – J. B. Davis, M, D. Ross and M. Daily
  • County Clerks – James Scarbrough, William Allen, W. M. Stephens
  • Treasurers – H. B. Kellog, L. M. Butts, John Burns, W. C. McClung, John Burns and O. S. McClung
  • Probate Judges Abraham Jackson, J. W. George, J. W. McRoberts
  • Recorders – J. W. Worick, S. F. Scripture, M. Stone
  • Sheriffs – E. E. Blake, A. B. Smith, J. Q. A. Chives, O. F. Johnston
  • County Superintendents of Schools – T. R. Cumstock, T. J. Patterson, D. S. Kenney, E. Smith
  • Coroners – A. H. Studley, Dr. W. Crew, Dr. Powell
  • State Representatives – D. W. Pate, G. S. Bishop, C. E. Parker, D. S. Palmer, S. E. Wilson, G. S. Bishop, North District
  • J. M. Hutchison, South District
  • David Heron, North District
  • M. F. Knappenburger, South District
  • State Senators – Col. E. Barker, T. B. Carpenter, G. H. Case.


Source: Jewell County, Cutlers History of Kansas, 1883

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