Jewell County, Kansas 1880 Census Statistics

Population By Federal Census (Organized in 1870.)

1880 Census

Allen Township653
Athens Township746
Brown’s Creek Township666
Buffalo Township, including Jewell City1,050
Burr Oak Township, incl. Burr Oak City1,237
Calvin Township503
Center Township, including Mankato City1,017
Erving Township565
Esbon Township557
Grant Township674
Harrison Township638
Highland Township658
Holmwood Township698
Ionia Township1,142
Jackson Township496
Limestone Township702
Montana Township788
Prairie Township701
Richland Township715
Saint Clair Township584
Vicksburg Township725
Walnut Township666
Washington Township544
White Mound Township751
Jewell City372
Burr Oak City425
Mankato City506


Source: Jewell County, Cutlers History of Kansas, 1883


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