Christ the King Cemetery Richland Township

Christ the King Cemetery
Richland Township, Ford County, Kansas

Christ the King Cemetery
Christ the King Cemetery
Christ the King Cemetery
Christ the King Cemetery

Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel on October 18, 2002.

NameBirth DateDeath DateOther Information
Anderson, Frank J.5-24-1927S/W
Anderson, Leona M.7-28-192810-13-1989
Bevers, Louise N.19161984LTJG US Navy WWII
Bohling, Alan Lee6-11-197110-23-1989
Brauer, Curtis10-11-2001S/W Twin Son of Bryan & Jolene
Brauer, Cody10-11-2001Twin Son of Bryan & Jolene
Brauer, Dennis R.5-10-1950S/W
Brauer, Rosa M. Stirn8-16-19522-6-2001
Brauer, Robert P.11-16-19421-26-1974
Brauer, George P.11-5-18773-24-1940
Brauer, Barbara E.8-11-18776-29-1961
Brauer, Ernest H. W.4-12-19102-12-1985Pfc US Army WWII
Brauer, H. Theodore12-17-18981-5-1956S/W
Brauer, Helen12-31-19008-18-1991
Burney, Philip L.5-7-19041-17-1988S/W
Burney, Martha A.2-9-1916
Burney, Jason Lee5-29-19793-20-1980
Curnette, Clarence W. H., Jr.6-22-1980Infant Son
Dale, Steven19551973
Daubert, Wesley19101947
Davis, Pauline G.9-15-1927S/W
Davis, Knowlton R.1-15-1925
Davis, Sheryl Sue7-24-195010-28-1955
Deines, Infant1945Dau of Sam & Gertrude
Dirks, Esther M.10-24-19119-28-2001
Dirks, Carl J.4-9-19051-6-1960
Dirks, Carlyn Joy2-24-19352-25-1935
Dirks, Mark Carl3-13-1952S/W
Dirks, Jane Laray8-21-195511-4-1994
Dirks, Elma6-14-19103-14-1969S/W
Dirks, Louis H.6-3-19038-21-1967
Dirks, Harold F.4-28-192110-20-1980S Sgt US Army WWII
Dirks, Henry F.9-26-187810-15-1969S/W
Dirks, Meta9-18-18802-24-1961
Dirks, Erwin A.3-22-19155-1-1986S/W
Dirks, Edna M.10-17-1915
Dirks, Elmer E.4-30-191110-3-1996S/W
Dirks, Anna A. (Drach)8-8-19133-17-2007
Drach, Carl3-26-19064-2-1996S/W
Drach, Elsie11-3-19103-10-1968
Ebeling, Norman J.10-18-191012-6-1993S/W
Ebeling, Josephine K.3-23-190412-28-1993
Garcia, Agatha V. (Stenzel)8-29-19214-11-2004
Garcia, Charles
Gerdes, Martha7-11-19133-5-1970
Gerdes, Frieda18831952
Gerdes, Gerhard18791941
Gerdes, Johanna1-13-18524-3-1932S/W
Gerdes, John G.8-13-185012-15-1939
Gerdes, Johanne T.11-13-18956-6-1911
Gerdes, Henry3-25-188811-7-1968S/W
Gerdes, Nathalie2-3-19022-19-1989
Gerdes, Alwine Maria10-9-189011-2-1965
Gerdes, John E.4-11-18826-2-1969
Guhr, Jeanne Inez3-9-19617-11-1974
Guhr, Donald W.8-20-19314-4-2005
Hahne, Mary L.7-16-18701-22-1947S/W
Hahne, Fred W.9-10-18659-5-1949
Hahne, Louise10-19-19052-1-1913
Harris, Donald Eugene, Jr.5-27-1960Infant Son
Hayne, Frieda9-11-19194-22-1944
Huth, Pastor Alfred C.7-14-18927-13-1957
Huth, Edna E.9-7-18935-3-1955Wife of Pastor A. C. Huth
Lethem, Benjamin W.3-15-190611-24-1993S/W
Lethem, Anna H.6-11-1914
Lindh, Harry J.2-16-19126-27-1982
Million, Duane Roger10-25-1934S/W
Million, Evelyn Reau “Jean” Skaggs7-24-193610-31-1997
Million, S. M.19081996S/W
Million, Christena C.19141976
Nagel, Eileen I.8-19-1925S/W
Nagel, Vernon J.6-5-19213-15-2002Cpl US Army WWII Purple Heart
Overbeck, Harold A.1-13-19163-20-1991S/W
Overbeck, Velda Fern6-5-191812-27-1993
Pedigo, Mark E.7-19-19535-14-2001
Perkins, Pauline Helen5-24-192310-25-1941
Reese, Bertha M.3-14-192511-12-1994
Rehder, Infant4-24-19484-24-1948Son of Burton & Elfriede Rehder
Roenfeldt, Herbert J.5-16-191010-25-2005S/W
Roenfeldt, Hilda L. (Rosener)2-20-1914
Roenfeldt, Rudolph8-21-19016-16-1970S/W
Roenfeldt, Rosena9-3-19077-15-1996
Roesener, Edwin G.12-18-191010-10-1994S/W
Roesener, Lucille F.7-21-19147-3-1972
Roesener, William3-2-18785-21-1965S/W
Roesener, Sena7-10-18862-8-1964
Roesener, Jean Elenore4-5-194811-16-1950
Roesener, Fred9-13-19123-23-1977S/W
Roesener, Helen12-2-1922
Roesener, Infant11-9-1941Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Fred
Roesener, Infant1911Age 7 days, Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.
Roesener, Carl H.4-7-18824-20-1962S/W
Roesener, Clara M.4-2-18862-23-1963
Roesener, Oscar Carl9-20-19094-9-1969KS MM3 US Navy WWII
Roesener, Werner W.10-2-1920S/W
Roesener, Dorothy M.6-29-1928
Roesener, Carolyn Ann4-8-1956
Ruffertshoefer, Martha4-14-18863-16-1976S/W
Ruffertshoefer, John1-13-18742-23-1953
Rutter, Lyle11-30-19393-25-2007
Rutter, Sharon (Schroeder)
Simmons, Burl E.8-18-19375-16-1992S/W
Simmons, Janice Dirks8-12-1943
Spohr, Meta8-19-18866-14-1955S/W
Spohr, Alfred1-9-18877-22-1966
Spohr, Otto7-25-191512-28-1928
Spohr, Herbert H.2-06-19263-08-2003
Ven John, Robert Michael9-16-19523-9-1989Sgt. US Marines
Wege, Frank H.12-26-187910-13-1964S/W
Wege, Louise S.5-6-18873-19-1963
Whipple, Leona1-27-19081-21-1998Wife of James B.
Wiebke, Infant1930Son of F. & F.

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