Amish Cemetery

Amish Cemetery, Ford County, Kansas

Amish Cemetery
Ford County, Kansas

This cemetery is located south of Dodge City on Ridge Road.  Most of the deaths are children and seem to have died during the small pox epidemic.  The last burial I saw was in 1928.

Amish Cemetery
Amish Cemetery
Amish Cemetery
Amish Cemetery

Transcribed by Robert Roberts and Cindy Hoffman Koegel on July 19, 2003.

S/W means stone shared with.

NameBirth DateDeath DateOther Information
Bontrager, Lizzie2-12-19263-14-1926
Bontrager, Manasses L.6-11-191811-5-1921
Bontrager, Levi E.?-19181-15-1921
Bontrager, InfantNo DateNo DateInfant of M. E. & Wife
Bontrager, InfantNo DateNo DateInfant of M. E. & Wife
Bontrager, Lovina???? of Mr. & Mrs. Matt? (stone broken)
Bontrager, Dannie9-13-1909Age 9m, Son of Menno & Mattie
Borntrager, Aby12-19-1908S/W
Borntrager, Hosea9-23-1909S/W
Borntrager, Infant4-29-1910S/W
Borntrager, Anna7-26-19127-27-1912
Borntrager, Katie (Thomas)5-10-188812-6-1918
Damuan?, Infant1-25-????Dau of Ammon & Lizzie
Mast, Clarence E.6-25-19112-11-1920
Miller, Polly J.9-28-19198-2-1920Age 10m 4d, Dau of Joe B. & Lydia
Mullet, Infant5-14-1918?Son of Joseph & Katie
Mullit?, Boseh? R.10-28-18882-9-1920
Stutts, Daughter8-?-1907?Dau of Joe R. & Molly
Thomas, InfantInfant of Ben & wife
Thomas, Twins10-19-191610-19-1916Twins of Mr. & Mrs. B. P.
Thomas, Pete18611917Age 56
Troyer, ?2-7-1909?? of Jeremiah & Mary
Troyer, Man??8-9-1920?Dau of Jeremiah & Mary
Yoder, Dennie S.2-5-19087-16-1908
Yoder, Menno A.8-2-19067-11-1918
Yoder, Katie A.6-9-19042-3-1920
?, Infant12-18-1918?Son of ?


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