Ford County

1887 Ford County Kansas Business Directory

Ford County, Kansas 1887 Business Directory B. J. Hardesty, Vice-Pres. Bank of Dodge City. Representative in Legislature. Stockman Range Neutral Strip. Estab. 1880. P. O., Dodge City. Geo. M. Hoover, Sunset Roller Mills. Estab. 1872. P. O., Dodge City. J. Collar, Coal Dealer (wholesale and retail), and Stockman Smoky Hill Range. Estab. 1872. P. 0., Dodge City. B. W. Evans, Cashier Bank of Dodge City. Estab. 1872. P. 0., Dodge City. Bank of Dodge City. Geo. M. Hoover, Pres.; R. J. Hardesty, Vice-Pres.; R. W. Evans, Cashier. Estab. 1882. P. O., Dodge City. Geo. B. Cox, Propr. Dodge House. Estab. …

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Spearville, Ford County, Kansas History

Spearville is distant from Dodge City sixteen miles. It was founded by a colony from Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1878, though George Hall and M. Wear came here in June, 1877. Its hotels are the Summit and the United States Center Home. This is quite a business point, and it is considerable of a center for sheep husbandry. In the vicinity are 60,000 head; the flocks ranging in number from 700 to 7,000. This has proved to be a first-class region for sheep rising. H. M. Clark is the Notary Public and Justice of the peace. This place is 283 miles …

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Ford County, Kansas Genealogy and History

Ford County is the southwestern most organized county of Kansas, embracing Townships 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 of Ranges 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, being thirty miles from north to south and thirty-six miles from east to west, possessing an area of 1,080 square miles. The country is comparatively level, 20 per cent of the land, being bottomland, which along the Arkansas has an average width of fifteen miles; the upland is 80 per cent, and but a small portion of it is bluffly. Good building stone is found in the county contiguous to Fort Dodge, and …

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Fort Dodge, Ford County, Kansas History

Colonel Henry Dodge of the United States Army left Fort Leavenworth, May 29, 1835, on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains. He followed the west bank of the Missouri, nearly to the mouth of the Platte, and followed it to its source. He then went south to the head waters of the Arkansas, and returning through its valley located a fort on the north side of the Arkansas, which was named Dodge, and is located some four miles below where Dodge City is now located. It has the finest military garrison on the frontier; the buildings are in excellent condition, …

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Ford County Kansas, Organization and County Officers

Governor Thomas A. Osborn, in his proclamation providing for the organization of Ford County, on April 5, 1873, appointed Charles Rath, J. G. McDonald and Daniel Wolf special County Commissioners, and Herman J. Fringer special County Clerk. This body met at Dodge City and made choice of Charles Rath as Chairman of the Board. James Hanrahan was appointed Commissioner in place of Mr. Wolf, who was not in the county. An election for county officers was ordered June 5, 1873, and at that election the following named persons were elected, the first body of officers for Ford County: Charles Rath, …

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Ford County, Kansas Census Statistics

Population By Federal Census. (Organized in 1873.) 1880 Census Dodge Township, including Dodge City 1,854 Spearville Township 718 Wheatland Township 550 Total 3,122 Dodge City (996) Dodge Township, Organized in 1874, from part of Hodgman County; In 1877 part detached to form Spearville. Spearville Township, Organized in 1877, from part of Dodge; in 1879, part detached to from Wheatland. Wheatland Township, Organized in 1879, from part of Spearville. Additional Census Resources Kansas Genealogy Census Records Access Genealogy Census Records   Source: Ford County Kansas, Cutlers History of Kansas 1883

Ford County, Kansas Biographies

The following 22 biographies were extracted from the History of the State of Kansas, 1883 and pertain specifically to Ford County. Anthony, A. J. Beamer, P. W. Cox, George B. Draper, M.R. Emerson, George S. Fringer, Herman J. Frost, D. M. Gaede, Baker & Co. Galland, Dr. S. Jarrett, Dr. G. B. Jones, B.A. Klaine, N.B. Leidhigh J. M. McCarty, Dr. T.L. Oliver March & Co. Sitler, H. L. Spencer, W. J. Sturm, Henry Sutton, M.W. Wenie, Frederick T. M. Wright, Beverly & Co. Zimmerman, F.C. Additional Kansas Resources Kansas Biographies   Source: Ford County Kansas, Cutlers History of Kansas …

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Dodge City, Kansas, Schools, Churches and Societies

Schools. The counties of Clark, Meade, Gray and Sequoyah have educational matters cared for in the organized county of Ford. John Whitaker, County Superintendent of Ford, reports in 1882, sixteen school districts in Ford County; joint district one with Edwards; joint district one of Clark and Meade; district No. 2, in Meade; district No. 1, in Gray; district No. 1, Sequoyah. The average pay per month of male teachers is $41.65; of female teachers, $32.40; persons of school age in 1879 were 439. In 1880 it was 5?3; in 1882 it was 1,002. The Dodge City school had an enrollment …

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Dodge City, Kansas History and Genealogy

In August 1872, buffalo hunters and businessmen in various branches of industry, were attracted to this place. Buffalo hides were extensively shipped from here, and the hunters here obtained their supplies. In some three years this became the objective point for the Texas cattle trade; the cowboys from the Plains driving in here large quantities for shipment. In 1880, about 300,000 head of cattle were sold to the ranches south and west; 60,000 sheep, in flocks ranging from 200 to 2,000. In the early history of the place, there were more or less of occurrences that savored of a border …

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Dodge City, Kansas Newspapers

Newspapers. – A. W. Moore, who established the Jackson County News at Holton, in October 1867, in February, 1874, moved his printing material to Dodge City and established the Dodge City Messenger. The publication of the Messenger was suspended in 1875. Mr. Moore, in 1883, is in the newspaper business at Gunnison, Colorado. Lloyd and Walter C. Shinn were pioneers in the printing business in Western Kansas, having established in Rice County its first newspaper, called the Rice County Herald. They founded the Times at Dodge City May 20, 1876. On December 1, 1877, Nicholas B. Klaine purchased the interest …

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