1902 Standard Atlas of Wabaunsee County, Kansas

Wabaunsee County Kansas Queries

I invite you to enter a query for your Wabaunsee County ancestors by utilizing the comment form below.

A few basic rules for posting your query:

  • Your query must have an Wabaunsee county connection or it will not be posted.
  • Please do not post queries for tracing living individuals.
  • Please do not post information on living individuals.
  • Please be specific, do not just list a surname in your query.
  • Please be sure to include at least one date in your query, even if its approximate. (See example)
  • Please use capitalization on surname only. (See example)

Example of a good query: Looking for information on John DOE, b: abt 1842 in Illinois, d: unk. Family tradition has it that John came to Wabaunsee County abt 1885 with friends he fought with in the Civil War.

1 thought on “Wabaunsee County Kansas Queries”

  1. trying to find information on the black baptist church that was in maple hill (wabaunsee county) from information that I gathered (which is little) the church was on the corner of 7th and main. I am guessing the years it was active was 1930-1965 . my mother talked about going there and how they would have church dinners once or twice a month, and people would be lined down the street for blocks. (I gather this is how the church made money) . few people are left that remember the church, so finding information is hard.I was born in 1960 and I have no recall of a black church being in maple hill, so it was torn down and gone by the time would remember a church being there.
    any,and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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