Russell County, Kansas Genealogy and History

Russell County is one of the central counties of Kansas, it being two hundred and forty-four miles from the Missouri River to the east line of the county, and one hundred and ninty-two (sic) miles from the east line of the county to the west line of the State. A line drawn through the center of the State, from east to west, would pass about three miles south of the south line of the county. The county is bounded on the north by Osborne County, on the south by Barton, on the east by Ellsworth and Lincoln counties, and on the west by Ellis County. The county contains 576,000 acres, or 900 square miles, and is divided into eight civil, or municipal, townships, those of Paradise and Fairview embracing nearly the northern half of the county, the other portion being divided into six townships of very unequal size. The county is governed by a Board of three Commissioners, who are elected for three years, and is so arranged that one is elected each year. That all portions of the county may be fairly represented on the Board, the county is divided into three Commissioner Districts, and the election of each Commissioner is confined to the Electors of the District in which he resides.

Additional Russell County Resources

  • Russell County History
    To all intents and purposes, Russell is a prairie county, and for miles and miles, not a sign of a tree or bush can be seen.
  • Schools and Mills
    The first school established in Russell County, was a private school in the town of Russell, in July 1871. It was supported by the colonists who located at Russell in April of that year.
  • Statistics Of Growth
    In population, the county has advanced rather slowly, some years being quite progressive and others retrogressive.
  • Town of Russell
    Russell is situated on the ridge between the Saline and Smoky Hill rivers, distant from the former four miles, and from the latter seven.
  • Churches
    In 1878, the Congregationalists, who had an organization since August, 1872. The Methodists, although having an organization in town since December, 1872, when the church was organized by Rev. John O’Connor
  • Lodges
    The town has four different lodges Societies Russell Lodge, Russell Lodge, Pioneer Lodge and The Russell County Driving Park Association.
  • Business
    For the last three years the town has been rather retrogressive than progressive

Additional Kansas Resources

  • History of Kansas
    One of the best Histories of Kansas, taken from Kansas and Kansans
  • Kansas Indians
    The Indian Linguistic families represented in Kansas may be separated into two principal divisions or heads
  • Kansas Biographies
    Over 2100 biographies specific to Kansas in the 19th and early 20th century have been added to a searchable database.

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