Dodge City, Kansas Newspapers

Newspapers. – A. W. Moore, who established the Jackson County News at Holton, in October 1867, in February, 1874, moved his printing material to Dodge City and established the Dodge City Messenger. The publication of the Messenger was suspended in 1875. Mr. Moore, in 1883, is in the newspaper business at Gunnison, Colorado.

Lloyd and Walter C. Shinn were pioneers in the printing business in Western Kansas, having established in Rice County its first newspaper, called the Rice County Herald. They founded the Times at Dodge City May 20, 1876. On December 1, 1877, Nicholas B. Klaine purchased the interest of Walter and in August 1878, the interest of Lloyd, and became its sole manager; and, in 1883, has the exclusive proprietorship of the paper.

The Ford County Globe was established at Dodge City, in December 1877, by William N. Morphy and D. M. Frost. Mr. Morphy was editor; he retired from the paper about a year later. Lloyd Shinn became connected with Mr. Frost in the publication of the Globe, and sold out to him his interest in that paper in the summer of 1882; and Mr. Frost is the editor and proprietor in 1883. These papers were Republican in their politics.


Source: Ford County Kansas, Cutlers History of Kansas 1883

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