Kansas Indians

The Indian Linguistic families represented in Kansas may be separated into two principal divisions or heads:


  1. Native Linguistic Families
  2. Emigrant Linguistic Families

The Native Linguistic Families were:

  1. Algonquian
  2. Caddoan
  3. Kiowan
  4. Shoshonean
  5. Siouan

The Emigrant Linguistic Families were:

  1. Algonquian
  2. Iroquoian
  3. Siouan
  4. Tanoan

The tribes native to Kansas are enumerated as follows:
Of the Algonquian Linguistic Family:

  1. Arapahoe
  2. Cheyenne

Of the Caddoan Linguistic Family:

  1. Pawnee
    1. Grand Pawnee
    2. Republican Pawnee
    3. Tapage Pawnee
    4. Loup Pawnee
  2. Wichita

Of the Kiowan Linguistic Family:

  1. Kiowa

Of the Shoshonean Linguistic Family:

  1. Comanche

Of the Siouan Linguistic Family:

  1. Kansa
  2. Osage

The Emigrant tribes of Kansas are enumerated as follows:
Of the Algonquian Linguistic Family:

  1. Chippewa
  2. Delaware
  3. Kaskaskia
  4. Kickapoo
  5. Miami
  6. Munsee
  7. Ottawa
  8. Peoria
  9. Piankishaw
  10. Pottawatomie
  11. Sac and Fox
  12. Shawnee
  13. Stockbridge
  14. Wea
  15. Brotherton

Of the Iroquoian Linguistic Family:

  1. Cayuga
  2. Cherokee
  3. Oneida
  4. Onondaga
  5. Seneca
  6. St. Regis
  7. Tuskarora
  8. Wyandot

Of the Tanoan Linguistic Family:

  1. Tigua of Picuris

Of the Siouan Linguistic Family:

  1. Iowa
  2. Missouri
  3. Otoe
  4. Quapaw

Some of the principal authorities upon which this section is based are indicated in the text. Of those not mentioned there, the Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, the treaties made with the Indians, and the article by Miss Anna Heloise Abel in Volume VIII, Kansas Historical Collections, were of most service and most frequently consulted. The article of Mrs. Ida M. Ferris, “The Sauks and Foxes in Franklin and Osage Counties, Kansas.” in Volume XI, Kansas Historical Collections, I found of much value.

The Handbook of American Indians, by the Bureau of American Ethnology I found indispensable.

Holcomb’s History of Vernon County, Missouri, is scholarly and accurate. It had much on the Osage Indians.

The various maps and manuscripts in the Library of the Kansas State Historical Society contain information not to be found elsewhere.

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  1. my grandfather, ernst joel hayes. born in jewell knasa. his father was Wm Henry Hayes. his mother was Anna Ordway. i believe she was Ojibwa. Can you help me find out any thing about them ?

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