Abilene Daily Reflector

The Abilene Reflector

The Reflector, which is edited and published by C. M. Harger, was established in Abilene in 1883. In May, 1887, a daily edition was added, which has had a continuous and successful existence since. The weekly Reflector was an eight-page, seven-column paper, all home print, and the daily, published every evening except Sunday, was a four-page, six-column sheet with afternoon dispatches. This page provides a brief history of the paper along with access to the various online sources where you can find digital copies of the paper.

Wichita Daily Beacon Newspaper

Wichita Beacon, Sedgwick County, Kansas (1872 – 1980) In 1872 Fred A. Sowers founded the Wichita Beacon, a daily and weekly paper, and this was the first daily paper to be issued in Wichita. Editors Fred A. Sowers (1872 – 1876) Henry Justin Allen (1897 – ) In 1897 Mr. Allen purchased the Wichita Daily Beacon and in 1918 was the chief owner of that paper, the recognized leader in news distribution and in influence in the southwestern quarter of the state. The Kansas State Historical Society has the following issues available on microfilm or in original form. All papers …

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Oskaloosa Independent Newspaper

Oskaloosa Independent, Jefferson County, Kansas (July 1860 – Present) John W. Roberts was strongly abolitionist, and seeing an opportunity for being of greater influence to that movement he sent his printing press and other materials out to Oskaloosa, Kansas, in 1860, and with his brother-in-law, J. W. Day, established there the old Oskaloosa Independent, the first copy of which was issued in July, 1860. The Independent was a strict republican organ, an official newspaper of Jefferson County, and its circulation included several Northern Kansas counties and the paper was read by hundreds in other states. The plant and offices were …

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Kansas Newspapers

  Jefferson County Okaloosa Independent Labette County Oswego Independent Sedgwick County Wichita Beacon Newspapers of Kansas Territory Published between 15 Sept 1854 and 29 Jan 1861

Oswego Independent Newspaper

Oswego Independent, Labette County, Kansas (June 1872 – Present)   The Oswego Independent was established June 22, 1872, by B. F. McGill. It was one of the very old and influential papers in Southeastern Kansas. It was issued weekly, had circulation in Labette and surrounding counties, and politically was a republican organ. W. A. Blair, editor and proprietor, owns the well equipped office and plant at 309 Commercial Street. Editors B. F. McGill  (1872-1880’s) Nelson Case (1880’s for 3 years) W. A. Blair   (1913-    ) The Kansas State Historical Society has the following issues available on microfilm. All papers listed are …

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