Villazur Expedition

The next expedition entering what is now the State of Kansas was sent out from the Spanish settlements in New Mexico. The first intimation the French authorities had of this invasion was contained in a letter written on the 24th of May, 1721, by M. De Boisbriant, Governor of the Illinois District, to Bienville, saying …

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Walnut Springs Camp

The Marshall families three brothers, two sisters and one foster sister –spend the month of August in each year at the Walnut Springs Camp, a camping ground on the old homestead. They move out August 1st of each year and have built a spacious dining pavilion 18 by 24 feet, with cement floor, metal roof, …

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Zebulon M. Pike

The next exploration of the country which was to become Kansas was in 1806. In 1805 Lieutenant Zebulon M. Pike was sent on a voyage of exploration and discovery up the Mississippi from St Louis by General James Wilkinson. From that voyage he returned on the 30th of April, 1806. General Wilkinson was Military Commandant …

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The Turk

The Turk was to play an important part in the future movements of the Coronado expedition. He must have gone with Alvarado when that captain returned to Tiguex. There, during the winter, he related to Coronado the wonders of the country of Quivira and two adjoining provinces—Arche and Guaes. In Quivira there was some silver …

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Upper Louisiana

The inaptitude of the Government of the United States to comprehend the needs of a people of foreign origin living under a government devised by another country was well illustrated in the early days of its occupancy of French Louisiana. To govern well in a subject country requires that the tendencies, needs, laws, language, social …

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The Texans

One Snively, styling himself a Colonel, organized, in North Texas, early in May, 1843, a force of about one hundred and seventy-five men for the purpose of preying on the Mexicans engaged in the Santa Fe trade. Texas and Mexico were then at war, and the purpose of Snively would have been justified had he …

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The State Bank of Leon

The State Bank of Leon. The writer had been extolling the virtues of business establishments in thirty states but he had never yet run across just such an institution as the State Bank of Leon in any town within five or six times the size of this city. This bank occupies a three floor pressed …

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The Seven Cities

In the revival of the myths of “The Seven Cities” it was said that other parties from the Spanish settlements had visited the rich countries of the North, especially after the return of the shipwrecked wanderers. Of what they saw there, of what they reported, we are not certain. But there was a growing desire …

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