1880 Wabaunsee County Mortality Schedule

Rock Creek Twp – 1880 Wabaunsee County, Kansas Mortality Schedule

Below are the 1880 census table for Rock Creek Twp in Wabaunsee County, Kansas.  For information on Cause of Death and their definitions visit Old Medical Terms and Diseases. Individuals who died during the year Ending May 31st, 1880 NS = Not Stated S  =  Single M = Married D = Divorced W = Widowed S.B. = Still Born This file was contributed for use in the Kansas AHGP Wabaunsee County by Chyrl Lawrence-Bulger

1859 Kansas Territorial Census

Wabaunsee Twp – 1859 Kansas Territorial Census Index

1859 Kansas Territorial Census A census of the inhabitants of Kansas Territory taken on June 1, 1859. The only names listed are the legal voters and the head of family if different from the legal voter. Wabaunsee Twp, Wabaunsee County, Kansas Alpheus Allen S. A. Baldwin Robert Banks George S. Beckwith B. C. Benedict Harvey Bisby James M. Bisby H. T. Brown Lafayette Brown William Butman Franklin Cort Lydia F. Cotton William F. Cotton Amos Cottrell A. C. Cutler H. J. Dadder Thomas Day G. A. Dibble Hamilton Dowd C. J. Dutton George D. Ensign S. H. Fairfield Josiah Ghen …

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