Dennis Partridge

Claim of James Magoffin

To secret and personal services in the Mexican War under special engagement with President Polk, commencing from the 18th of June, 1846, when I left Washington City in the employment of the Government until I got back in February, 1849, being two years and eight months of time and extending to Santafe, Chihuahua, and Durango. …

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Captain William Becknell

The first successful venture to Santa Fe over the Santa Fe Trail was made by Captain William Becknell. With him, according to Gregg, were “four trusty companions.” They left Arrow Rock, on the Missouri, near Franklin, but in Saline County, September 1, 1821. On the 13th of November they met a troop of Mexican soldiers, …

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The Cabavans

The town of Franklin, in Howard County, Missouri, was opposite the present City of Boonville. In 1828, the entire site of the town was washed into the Missouri River. It was the cradle of the Santa Fe trade, and for some years it was the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. As population spread …

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J. V. Brower

It is necessary to notice here the work of one J. V. Brower, who some years ago came into Kansas and pretended to fix beyond question the exact spots visited by Coronado. He published three books on the transactions of Coronado. He made maps of Quivira and the adjacent country of Harahey. On these maps …

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Bourgmont Expedition

The French were ever seeking to develop trade with the Indians, and when commercial relations were established they were fostered and closely guarded. As early as 1718, Sieur Presle, now supposed to have been a stockholder in the Company of the Indies, had suggested that Etienne Venyard Sieur de Bourgmont be sent to arrange trade …

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Bibliography for the Spanish Explorations

The principal authorities on the Spanish explorations of Kansas are: George Parker Winship, in The 14th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1896. Hubert Howe Bancroft in the History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1889. Spanish Explorations in the Southern United States, edited by Frederick W. Hodge, 1907. Spanish Explorations in the Southwest, edited …

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