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Ford County, Kansas Census Statistics

Population By Federal Census. (Organized in 1873.) 1880 Census Dodge Township, including Dodge City 1,854 Spearville Township 718 Wheatland Township 550 Total 3,122 Dodge City (996) Dodge Township, Organized in 1874, from part...

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Ford County, Kansas Biographies

The following 22 biographies were extracted from the History of the State of Kansas, 1883 and pertain specifically to Ford County. Anthony, A. J. Beamer, P. W. Cox, George B. Draper, M.R. Emerson, George S. Fringer, Herman J....

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Early Time Methodist Ministers in Kansas

From the time of his coming to Kansas almost to the year of his death Colonel Price was the Kansas contributor to the columns of The Barnesville Enterprise, the paper of which he was a former editor. These Kansas notes were...

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Dodge City, Kansas Newspapers

Newspapers. – A. W. Moore, who established the Jackson County News at Holton, in October 1867, in February, 1874, moved his printing material to Dodge City and established the Dodge City Messenger. The publication of the...

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Dodge City, Kansas History and Genealogy

In August 1872, buffalo hunters and businessmen in various branches of industry, were attracted to this place. Buffalo hides were extensively shipped from here, and the hunters here obtained their supplies. In some three years...

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The Catholic Church in Lincoln County Kansas

The Catholic Church in Lincoln County. Besides the general survey of the Catholic Church in Lincoln County and its institutions in Kansas found on other pages, a number of individual churches and institutions are given place and...

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